Careers at the Maldives CAA

We are delighted you are looking into a career with the CAA. Our sccuess depends on our staff and we need a dedicated and enthusiastic team of people to deliver world class safety to the aviation family. The CAA is a perfect platform for extensive training and career development opportunites.

If you are excited about working in the CAA, browse our current job openings or submit your details via email and we will keep you in mind next time a relevant vacany opens.

Status Reference Title Closing Date
Closed IUL-201-A/1/2016/8 Flight Operations Officer 2016-08-11
Closed IUL-201-A/1/2016/9 Air Transport Officer 2016-08-11
Closed IUL-201-A1/2016/12 Asst. Airworthiness Engineer 2016-10-27
Closed IUL-201-A/1/2016/13 Asst. Airworthiness Engineer 2016-12-29
Closed IUL-201-A/1/2016/14 Senior Aerodrome Inspector 2016-12-29
Closed IUL-201-A/1/2017/1 Asst. Flight Operations Officer 2017-01-26
Closed IUL-201-A/1/2017/3 Flight Operations Officer 2017-02-14
Closed IUL-201-A/2017/5 Airworthiness Engineer 2017-03-06
Closed IUL-201-A/2017/8 A.N.S Inspector (Operations) 2017-03-30
Closed IUL-201-A/2017/9 Aerodrome Inspector 2017-03-06
Closed IUL-201-A/2017/13 Assistant Aerodrome Inspector 2017-05-25
Closed IUL-201-A/2017/15 Assistant Airworthiness Engineer 2017-06-08
Closed IUL-201-A/2017/23 Revenue Officer 2018-01-11
Closed IUL-201-A/1/2018/1 Airworthiness Engineer 2018-02-15
Closed IUL-201-A/1/2018/2 ANS Inspector (Technical) 2018-03-08
Closed IUL-201-A/1/2018/3 Senior ANS Inspector (Operational) 2018-03-08
Closed IUL-201-A/1/2018/5 Flight Operations Officer 2018-04-03
Closed IUL-201-A/1/2018/10 Senior Accident Investigator 2018-09-27
Closed IUL-201-A/1/2018/13 Airworthiness Engineer 2018-10-21
Closed IUL-201-A/1/2018/14 Asst. Airworthiness Engineer 2018-10-21
Closed IUL-201-A/1/2018/16 Aerodrome Inspector 2018-11-18
Closed (IUL)201-A/1/2018/20 Aerodrome Inspector 2018-12-10
Closed (IUL)201-A/1/2019/2 Aerodrome Inspector 2019-01-29
Closed (IUL)201-A/1/2019/4 ANS Inspector 2019-02-14
Closed (IUL)201-A/1/2019/8 Senior Accident Investigator 2019-02-28
Closed (IUL)201-A/1/2019/9 Asst. Aerodrome Inspector 2019-03-07
Closed (IUL)201-A/1/2019/13 ANS Inspector (Operational) 2019-04-03
Closed (IUL)201-A/1/2019/19 Senior Flight Operations Officer 2019-07-04
Closed (IUL)201-A/1/2019/23 Asst. Aerodrome Inspector 2019-09-15
Closed (IUL)201-A/1/2019/24 Flight Operations Officer 2019-09-15
Closed (IUL)201-A/1/2019/27 Flight Operations Officer 2019-11-26