Safety Reporting

Confidential Aviation Incident Reporting Programme

Confidential Aviation Incident Reporting (CAIR) programme is a voluntary, non-punitive confidential incident reporting system established by the Maldives Civil Aviation Authority (MCAA) in line with the recommendation of Annex 13 to the Chicago Convention. The system provides a channel for the reporting of aviation incidents and safety deficiencies while protecting the reporter's identity. However, CAIR does not obviate the need for mandatory reporting of aircraft accidents and incidents to the relevant authorities under the existing law (MCAR12).

Step 01: Select the type of Reporting

Mandatory Confidential Voluntary

Step 02: Please select the appropriate section related to this event

Flight Operations / Cabin Air Traffic Services Engineering Ground Hazard / Other

Step 03: General Info of Report

General Info

Personal Info (Optional)

Please fill in all the blanks. This section will be destroyed and no record kept. All identities contained in this report will be removed to ensure complete reporter confidentiality. Please read CAIR Leaflet before filling the form.

Operational Information

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Step 02: Download the following form

CAA/GEN‐01 Form