Air Transport Circular AT 03/2009 _ Issue 05 - Airport Taxes and Fees

The purpose of this Circular is to advise airlines/aircraft operators, air transport sale agents, relevant airport operators and travelling passengers of the amendments to; 

a) Airport Taxes and Fees Act (Act 29/2016) which prescribes all the matters relating to the levying of Airport Service charge and- Departure Tax and Airport Development Fee on passengers departing from Maldives from an airport in the Maldives,

b) Airport Taxes and Fees Regulation (Regulation No. 2021/R-129) which prescribes the policies and procedures with regard to the collection of taxes and fees from passengers who depart from the Maldives via an airport in the Maldives, pursuant to the Act, and

c) IATA TTBS in regards to the collection of Airport Fee (BQ) (corresponding to Departure Tax in the Act) and Airport Development Fee (H9) for tickets issued on/after 1st November 2021 and for travel on/after 1st January 2022. 

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