Aviation Safety Reporting

The purpose of this reporting system is to improve aviation safety by ensuring that relevant safety information relating to civil aviation is reported, collected, stored, protected, exchanged, disseminated and analysed. It is not to attribute blame or liability. The system may be used to report mandatory occurrence reports, voluntary safety reports and confidential safety reports. This delivers on the CAA Just Culture Policy and our efforts to transition towards a more proactive, evidence-based, risk and performance oriented safety system.

Submit a Safety Report

Mandatory Occurrence Reporting

Please refer to MCAR-13B for a list classifying occurrences in civil aviation to be mandatorily reported. If you are reporting on an individual capacity, make sure that you have submitted to a mandatory occurrence report to your operator/company. If you are reporting on behalf of your organisation, please obtain access to the organisation portal which provides additional features.

Voluntary Safety Reporting

Voluntary Safety Reports should be reported in the same format as MORs. All reports are triaged and prioritised individually, processed and analysed together. Voluntary reports are classed as occurrences not captured by the mandatory reporting system or other safety related information which is perceived by the reporter as an actual or potential hazard to aviation safety.

Voluntary reporting moves us from a reactive process towards proactive process, helping us identify safety concerns and allowing safety improvement measures to be implemented before they escalate.

Confidential Safety Reporting

The CAA has a Confidential Safety Reporting system in place to enable individuals to voluntary report to CAA alleged malpractices and irregularities in the field of aviation safety, without having to fear that their action may have adverse consequences for their person. Such reports may be submitted by any individual reporting in their personal capacity.

Reporting Software Solution

For larger reporting organisations and those who seek to produce a compliant format report directly from their Reporting System, advice on how to produce and submit occurrence reports can be sought from the CAA.