Human Factors Workshop in ATM (Air Traffic Management)

Human factors workshop was held in two sessions at MNU from 26th to 27th and 1st to 2nd March 2017. The target audience for this workshop was Air Navigation Service provider and the regulator.

As the number of aircraft and the demand for ATC services increases, so does the workload of the controller. “Human factors in air traffic control is evolving slowly from a mechanistic to a more socio-technical approach”, focusing more on the dynamics between controller and technology.

While fundamental ergonomic issues regarding equipment and workplace design remain important, increasing focus is now been given to the role of human performance (including decision making and problem solving functions), communication, and teamwork. The impact of automation on ATC is also becoming more relevant, as a variety of new technologies are being introduced to help cope with the long term growth of air traffic, with the goal of alleviating stress within already congested airspace.

These workshops were organize with the kind assistance of COSCAP.