Workshop on Air Traffic Managment and Aerdrome Rules

The first workshop in a series of workshops aimed at a harmonising and modernising regulatory requirements in the field of on Air Traffic Management (ATM) and aerodrome rules was held at STELCO from 20-22 June 2017. This three day workshop was inaugurated by the Director Air Navigation & Aerodromes of Maldives CAA, Ms. Fathimath Ramiza.

This workshop, held with the kind assistance of the European Union (EU) – South Asia Partnership Project, was facilitated by Mr. Manfred Dieroff, ATM/ANS Standardisation and Oversight Section Manager at the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

Mr. Dieroff gave an overview about the regulatory background and methods for the oversight and inspection of organisations providing air traffic management, air navigation services and also on the certification of aerodromes. The Maldives CAA received detailed information about how these activities are performed within the EU and the role of EASA as an Agency of the EU.