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Drone Safety

The CAA Drone Initiative is designed to help you fly drones safely and legally, without endangering others.


Air transport circular AT 01/2021 issued on 10th Jan 2021: Advance Passenger Information and Passenger Name Record

As per Air transport circular no: AT 01/2021 issued on 10th Jan 2021: The purpose of this Circular is to designate the national agency for API and PNR data in the Maldives, and to inform and advise airlines and aircraft operators operating international flights to and from the Maldives to facilitate the provision of API and PNR data relating to passengers and crew members to that agency effective 17th Jan 2021.

Minister Sets Aviation Policy for the Next Five Years – Historic Achievement.

The Minister for Transport Hon. Aishath Nahula signed “Flight Plan 2020-2025” today at a ceremony at the Ministry. Flight Plan 2020-2025 sets out, for the first time, the Government’s and the Civil Aviation Authority’s long term policies and objectives for the sustainable development of the aviation industry.

CAA Office Change

The CAA Office has moved from 11th Floor to the 2nd Floor of Velaanage Building effective 4th August 2020.