Pilot Licensing

Information about Flight Crew Licences, Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Licences and Air Traffic Services Licences. Application and guidance information regarding the MCAR-66 Licencing, the approval of training courses and organisations under MCAR-147.

Application forms for Pilot License

  • CAD/OPS/02 - Application for Issue of Student Pliot Permit
  • CAD/OPS/07 - Application for the Inclusion of Rating in a Licence
  • CAD/OPS/08 - Renewal Flight Crew Licence
  • CAD/OPS/09 - Application for Issue / Renewal of Flight Operations Officer / Flight Dispatcher License
  • CAD/OPS/11 - Application for Issue for Private Pilot Licence
  • CAD/OPS/12 - Application for Issue of Commercial Pilot Licence
  • CAD/OPS/13 - Application for Issue of Airline Transport Pilot Licence

Application forms for Validation

  • CAD/OPS/04 - Application for Issue for Validation of Foreign Flight Crew Licence
  • CAD/OPS/05 - Application for Issue of Commercial Pilot Licence (On Foreign Basis)
  • CAD/OPS/06 - ATPL - Foreign Basis

Flight Training Schools

Standards and requirements for the licensing of Cabin Crew.

  • List of Approved Flight Training Schools
  • Download CAD_Form_1175 - FTO / TRTO Approval