Type Acceptance

The CAA has introduced a new process of type acceptance under MCAR-21 effective 25 June 2008. This process is essentially the validation of a foreign type certificate. A type acceptance certificate (TAC) is issued to at the end of the process to recognise that type certificate in the Maldives

All aircraft types must under go the type acceptance process for the first issue of an airworthiness certificate. Acceptance of the aircraft’s type certificate will imply acceptance of the associated engine and/or propeller type certificate.


The regulatory requirements for type acceptance are specified in MCAR-21 Subpart B. This subpart also specifies the foreign type certificates that are eligible for a type acceptance certificate in the Maldives.

Type Acceptance Certificates

The table below gives a list of all the type acceptance certificates issued by the CAA.

TAC No. Aircraft Type Date of Last Revision
CAA-TAC-017Tecnam P2006T28-Dec-21
CAA-TAC-016Beechcraft 1900D09-Dec-21
CAA-TAC-014 Airbus A350 - All Series 01-Mar-18
CAA-TAC-013 Airbus A330 - All Series 05-Sep-17
CAA-TAC-012 Kodiak 100 01-Nov-17
CAA-TAC-011 Cessna 208 02-Jul-13
CAA-TAC-010 Airbus A320/A321 01-Dec-14
CAA-TAC-009 Boeing 757-200 14-Aug-12
CAA-TAC-008 PA34-200T (Seneca II) 15-Feb-12
CAA-TAC-007 Cessna 172 17-Aug-16
CAD-TAC-006 Boeing 767-300 31-Mar-10
CAD-TAC-005 Cessna 150 06-May-10
CAD-TAC-004I3 ATR 42/72 13-Dec-10
CAD-TAC-003 I04 DHC-8
CAA-TAC-002 Issue 3
Viking Air Limited DHC-6
CAD-TAC-001 Dornier 228-212 25-Aug-09